Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another Jumper Off The Needles

As I was still waiting for threads, I decided to keep to the knitting and got this jumper finished.

This time, I did a crew/round neck instead of a roll neck.  D especially loved these jumpers as he grew up, he's a bit disappointed he's grown out  of the pattern.  You never know, if I'm feeling adventurous, I may try and adapt the pattern to make it bigger.

Once this was done, I just didn't know what to pick up next.  The thread hadn't arrived to do the RR and the next section of pattern for An Important Flower has gone astray, two of the sewing projects were surprises for the boys and, as they were there, I couldn't do those. I was a bit stumped.  Instead, I did something else just as important, D had a cuddle for an hour!

Now let's go and find something else to do.


Gaynor said...

It is a lovely jumper. Looks lovely and warm!

Terry said...

Oh, this one is so pretty too! :0)

Annie said...

Your knitting is so perfect. Very professional looking.

And I think the cuddle time was a great idea.

Rudee said...

Cuddle time is crucial! I like the jumper

Jane said...

Oooh! This turned out great!
Always important to make time for a cuddle too.

Karan said...

Now that looks not only lovely but also very warm - wish it would fit me! LOL :0)