Sunday, 26 April 2009

Productive Saturday

Getting up at 5.30am, no children and a housework strike seems to be the key to getting a lot accomplished.

After the RR was completed yesterday, I did as much stitching as I could on this rose. When ordering the threads, I missed one. Typical! This is on order as well as some embellishments. so should be completed as an ATC later this week. I didn't fancy making a start on the mail art envelope, so I thought I would stitch a design I saw in a magazine for J. However, as one does, I got distracted. I saw a design for a lavender sachet, but I thought with a bit of tweaking, I could use it to make a card.

I did the cross stitching yesterday, but made the card up this morning. As you can see, Tugger had to get in on the act. Fortunately, he stopped biting the lens long enough for me to get a photo. Inside I have stamped it with the message "With Love".
With what was remaining of daylight, I did begin a cross stitch for J. We used to live in Filton, Bristol which was the home of Concorde. We took the boys back there for her final flight, so when I saw the design of Concorde in Jane Greenoff's magazine, I thought it was perfect to do as a gift for one of the boys. I shall probably finish it off as a wall hanging. I'll show you the pictures when it stops looking like a line of stripy toothpaste.
Once the natural light was going, it was time to get the knitting out. That's not exciting enough to show a picture at the moment. It's black! Need I say more.
Not such an early start today, and I can't decide what to do. Do I stitch some more of Concorde, especially as it could be possible to complete the cross stitch today, or do I start on the mail art envelope. Think I'll have another cuppa and then decide. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


Gaynor said...

I have a card with the lavender pattern on, it is embellished with little silvery flwers stitched with DMC light effects.
I am sure whatever you do, it will be lovely.

I used to drive through Filteon to work, at UWE (back whn I was importantish lol).

I really really dont miss Bristol's traffic though.

Rudee said...

5:30 AM is WAY too early. I agree you got a lot done, but I bet you were tired! The heart is beautiful.

Karan said...

5.30am?!!! Shock, horror! LOL Beautiful flowers. Look forward to seeing the finished ATC. :0)

Elena said...

I love your card with a heart! So gentle! And rose is absolutely gorgeous!