Sunday, 5 April 2009

Another furry beast

I was a good mum and took the boys to the RSPCA as requested. I hate those places and was so pleased to get out of the dog kennels. I hate hearing them all barking and having nowhere to go. Then it was to see the cats. The boys wouldn't let me bring any back, so I got out of there quick too. So I managed to go there, walk round and come home empty handed!

The furry beast is this cardigan. Well actually, it's just the back at the moment. It is knitted using a yarn called foxy, and it looks alive.

It doesn't take long to knit up either. This is about 3/4 hours knitting. The knitting is ok, I am just thinking of the sewing up, that will be a bit more tricky.
I am hoping for a good productive day today. I have quite a few things I would like to get finished, so I'd better get that bath and get started.


Gaynor said...

I thought for one minute the boys had got you to bring something home.
Well done. Your will power is much stringer than mine hehe

zetor said...

Foxy Loxy you will look good!

Karan said...

Not seen that kind of wool before. Intriguing - looking forward to seeing what the whole piece looks like. :0)

Patti said...

I thought just like Gaynor did but whew was pleased it was only a cardigan! I'm so proud of you for coming home with just what you left home with - your boys and no furry friends. Patti xxx

karen said...

Hi! I have given you an award, no obligation to do it if you don't want!
I hope I spelt your name right!!! Couldn't remember if you had a 'y ' or not!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.