Saturday, 7 March 2009

My kind of sleeves

It's been a busy couple of days with the boys, so knitting and stitching time has been much reduced.

I can't show the stitching I have done as it is for an exchange. I have almost completed the cross stitching, but I need to get some more DMC stranded cotton when I go shopping on Wednesday. I am three colours short. Typical! I am pleased with how it looks and have all the finishing planned.

Despite the fact I didn't get to sit down until after 9 on Thursday night, I have managed to get all the knitting completed my top. Thursday I had one shoulder and then last night I completed the other shoulder and TWO sleeves.

These are my type of sleeves, each one took about half hour to knit. Better enjoy it while it lasts as the next sleeves I knit are full length.

As you can see, it is all ready to sew together which will be today's task. All I have to do then is wait for summer.


Gaynor said...

It is lovely. I lvoe the colours as well...perfect as always lol

Rudee said...

OK. I want to see the picture of the knitting machine you are hiding from me. A sleeve in 30 minutes? What ply of yarn are you using? It has to be super duper bulky.

You amaze me.

Elena said...

Wow! You knit so fast! That is amazing! Very pretty!

Terry said...

It looks lovely! And it will be wonderful to wear once it warms up a bit! We're up to 67F here today! It's a heat wave! :0)

Karan said...

Very nice top - love the colour. :0)