Thursday, 19 March 2009

More cards

After being so tired yesterday and not feeling as if I could do much, I was itching to start making some cards today. They won over making the bread, so tomorrow, I hope I wake up with my baking head on. We have the girls from across the road coming for tea, so I need to bake for them. Nothing worse than hungry children.

The first card I did was this little teddy bear with his balloon and pressie. I just need to find an envelope to put him in. Then it was back to the decoupage cards.
They are both sun views, one using an aperture card as a window, and the other just a plain card and totally 3-D.

The next two are called pyramid cards. All the layers line up with the one below, so the picture builds up in the centre, unlike the other two which are just smaller repeats of the picture below.

Foxgloves are one of my favourite flowers, which is why I bought them.

The boys thought they were cool. They are certainly interesting, I've never seen any like this before.
The knitting needles have been busy again. I am now on the last front, so I should have another completed cardigan this evening.
I have a new project planned for the weekend. The cats are already getting excited. Hopefully all will be revealed on Saturday.


MargB said...

Your cards are wonderful - I love them all but still think I like the original decoupage ones are really amazing.

zetor said...

What a great idea, those are ,I do like the pyramid cards. Gorgeous!

Patti said...

Those cards are just so cool. I LOVE them. Lots of Love patti xxx

Rudee said...

I love all of your cards. I especially like the second sun view, and best of all, the teddy.

Terry said...

Your new cards are wonderful! I knew they would be! :0)

Karan said...

Lovely cards but I especially like the unuusal effect on the pyramid cards. :0)

Linda said...

Your cards are lovely...I like them all. You do wonderful work, no matter what it is! Where do you find the time? Do you ever sleep? Hugs, Linda