Sunday, 25 May 2008

Les Petits Chats

I'm never happier than when I share my home with cats. There was however, a time when we weren't allowed to have pets in the home, so I decided to stitch some, so hence the cat and kittens here. Anyone that has kept kittens will know the hours of fun watching them can be.

I worked this tapestry on a frame which helped to keep the canvas square, important for when it came to framing later. When I thought I had finished, I held the stitching up to the light to make sure each of the holes had been covered, it's amazing how many you miss!

A friend framed this for me as this was before I had started doing them myself. We chose a natural wood moulding which we then stained to the appropiate colour. Staining and painting wood moulding is a fantastic way of making sure you get the colour you want.

Lessons were learnt from framing this piece-it is imperative that the moulding recess has enough depth to take both the stitched piece and backing board. Otherwise you have the problems I have had with this one-if you're not careful, the back comes off! Before rehanging, this will need to be repinned and taped. As with all journeys, a few lessons learned on the way.

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