Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Beginning

This is the piece that got me hooked onto needlepoint. Up until this time I was into knitting so it was a real novelty to try needlepoint. I loved the stitch variety and the feel of the finished stitching. It's funny now watching my youngest son, he touches all the pieces I finish to see how they feel. Something very tactile about stitched pieces.

This needlepoint kit was bought for me by my mother when I was about 16 years old, to give me something to do in the evenings on a caravan holiday in Tenby. Once I had started, I couldn't stop.

This piece could also have been completed as a cushion, but at the time I didn't have the confidence to do that, so I took it to a professional picture framer to have framed as a picture. It was really satisfying at a young age to see a project displayed like this.

After this, there was no stopping me as I then moved on to cross stitch and other forms of needlecraft.

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