Sunday, 25 May 2008

In Memory

My mum was only 53 when she died from the effects of Primary Bilary Chirosis. This is a condtion where the immune system attacks the liver. She died two days before my second son's first birthday, and as my eldest was still only two, I wanted to stitch something that would remind us of her.
Autumn was always her favourite time of year and there was nothing we liked better, than to go for a walk enjoying the autumn colours and kicking through the leaves. I used this as the inspiration for this piece, the autumn reds, russets and oranges.

This embroidery incorporates leaves, both real, fabric and stitched. The real leaves used were taken from one of her shrubs in the autumn. Silk fabric and threads were used, the fabric being layered in some places and cut out to expose the fabric underneath.

All the important dates covering the major events of her life have been stitched into the design. The writing was done using stem stitch, leaves in long and short stitch and others in satin stitch, cut outs secured with blanket stitchand back stitch.

Though I completed stitching this piece some time ago, it still needs to be framed. I will mount it using a mat in autumn colours and am thinking of embellishing the frame with leaf veins. I'll keep you informed of progress on that score.

It is lovely that every time the boys see this, they talk about their Nanny Janet, and I know she'll never be forgotten by them.

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Serena said...

I'm sorry that you lost your Mum when she was so young. This is such a beautiful way to remember her and I would love to see it when it is matted and framed.