Saturday, 24 May 2008

Cherished Memories

From when my son was a few months old, my mum would send him a post card from every place she visited. As she died when he was two and a half, these became very precious and I wanted to find a way of preserving them for his enjoyment when he was older.

I thought that the best way to present them was by framing all ten cards in one frame. Having only cut mats with one aperture before, this was going to be a challenge. It's important to keep in mind that the principles of mount cutting are the same, no matter how many apertures.

It is important to measure and then check everything again before cutting. Mistakes in measuring can easily be rectified before cutting commences. The same principle applies to all framing, to

Having decided the overall size, placing the cards on the surface first helps to visualise the finished article and the placing of them. Note all the measurements on paper and then measure and mark out on the reverse of the mountcard. Once checked, the cutting can commence.

Imagine the relief when everything fitted. I was very pleased with the finished result, especially as this was completed after only about 6 weeks of lessons.

As what was written on the cards were as important as the pictures, I copied them all and placed these in an envelope that I placed on the reverse of the frame. This means that whenever he wants, my son can read the messages that his nan sent him.

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