Saturday, 24 May 2008


A lot of the projects that I choose to do, are associated with people or places that mean something to me, or my family.

For many years we lived in Bristol and that is where both my children were born. Every year we would look forward to the Bristol International Balloon Festival held at Ashton Gate. We've even followed the balloons by car to see them land and to be packed away.

When I saw this long stitch kit, I knew I had to do it. Though this looks a large project, because it is long stitch, the stitching was completed in no time and was soon ready for framing.

The blue mount card was chosen to blend with the sky. The double mount adds depth and perspective. The moulding of the frame itself compliments the colours of the background sky in the stitching. With DIY Framing, and by going to a professional picture framer, it is always possible to match all the components together, showing your stitching to its best advantage. This is not always possible with ready made frames. Definitely worth the effort.

As we walk down the stairs, we can see this picture ahead of us, imagining what it would be like to be in one of those balloons-I'm still dreaming of the hot air balloon flight.

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