Monday, 21 November 2011

One of those weeks

It's definitely one of those weeks this week.  Lots of good intentions to get things done, thwarted at the last minute by running out of supplies.
 There's the child's sock missing a toe,
 A great size 11 missing a top of a foot, so while waiting for new yarn to arrive, it was back to the quilting.  There were a couple of tops that needed backs piecing and putting together.
 First, it was this one, but I didn't have enough black.  I need to order some more, but in the meantime, fabric I had ordered was back in stock and arrived this week.
 So out came this quilt and I pieced the back.  I ironed the back and top ready for sandwiching, only to find, I didn't have enough batting!  Do you ever feel things are conspiring against you?
The one good thing to come from the day, I think I have a layout for my button wallhanging.  All I need now is a day at home to put it altogether.


Terry said...

I think we all have weeks like that. Just think how much better this week will be! LOL Love the layout for your button wall hanging! :0)

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear you have had such a hard week...hopefully it will get better soon! I like your button layout and cannot wait to see it finished...have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I think it must be moon phases or something of that ilk. I'm having the same kind of week. I can't find a lining fabric I like for the dresses I'm making. I'm not sure about the cardigan I've just finished. Everything just feels a little bit off. You are not alone!

Terry said...

All been there I'm missing a tin of beads. I know it's somewhere.
The display for the beads looks abfab!

Rudee said...

Toes and heels are my favorite parts of socks. Now if I could only find someone else to knit the cuffs, legs and feet, I'd be all set. Happy crafting! You're on a roll.