Wednesday, 13 April 2011

When you think you're finished

Over the last week or so, my quiet moments have been spent cross stitching, and it always feels like a finish when all the cross stitching is complete.
However, with this design, there is lots of backstich, long stitch and french knots to do before I can say goodbye to this one.

Eventually, there will be a set of two pictures made into a wall hanging, but it will take a little while to do.


Tudy said...

Looks nice but the rest of the stitching will really bring it to life. Back stitching a cross stitch project was always my favorite part because it brought it to life for me.

Annie said...

Very nice stitching and appropriate for the rainy April we are having here.

Terry said...

I have an owl cross stitch that's done but for the backstitching. I suppose I should get it out and work on it and get it finished. Yours will be lovely! :0)

Angela said...

Grrr I always hate this part of a cross stitch. But it's all the backstitch and decorative bits that really make it all come to life :)

pendlestitches said...

That's the bit I dislike the most but it's usually also the bit that makes all the difference.

Love this little picture. Very sweet.