Saturday, 2 April 2011

Small Progress

Yesterday was a day of clearing small jobs from the sewing table, meaning small but necessary progress made on a couple of projects.  

First up was the tiger quilt top.  I found enough of the fabric to put on the final two borders along the top and bottom.

I used some left over half square triangles for the corners.  I wouldn't have had enough fabric otherwise.

 Next on the list was to add the red borders onto the Raggedy Quilt.
The lump at the bottom is Shylock, he didn't move even after having two quilts spread out over him!

Both these tops now need backing, batting and binding.  They will have to go back in the waiting pile until I can do some shopping.


Sue said...

Those tops both look fabulous. I had to laugh @ Shylock. I think it is a cat thing.....Lestat is the same.

Terry said...

I like how you used the HSTs in the corners! It looks like you planned it that way all along! :0)

Annie said...

They both look so great. Hope you get to the shopping soon so you can finish them up. They are too pretty to sit and wait too long.

Rudee said...

Small progress? They look big to me!

Mad about Craft said...

They are looking good!

My cat is just as daft, she won't move if she doesn't want to.

pendlestitches said...

"small progress" this isn't. They are just beautiful.

maggi21 said...

Brilliant but definitely not small progress. Typical cat!!