Thursday, 14 October 2010

Two more postage stamp blocks

After the hectic rushing around at the beginning of the week, it was really enjoyable to just potter around and get some time at the sewing machine,
 I managed to get two more postage stamp blocks made before lunch.  As it was already a late one, and the boys were beginning to protest, I had to stop and feed everyone.
As I had been enjoying myself so much, I thought I would continue after lunch, so back to the sewing machine I went. I was quite happily sewing away, when suddenly everything went dead.  The power had gone off.  After checking the fuse box, and finding it wasn't us, I just had to put everything away for another day.  The power came on over an hour and a half later.  What a good thing it is, that I have plenty of other things to keep me occupied.

The last couple of weeks have been rather busy, so it was a good thing someone had reminded me that tomorrow is Friday Night Sew In.  Not only has it reminded me what day of the week it is, I need to decide which project I'll be working on.


Terry said...

Look at you go! Before much longer you'll be putting your blocks together into a quilt top! Keep up the good work! :0)

Tudy said...

You have been busy with those little blocks. It will be beautiful when it is finished.

Annie said...

How annoying for the power to go off just when you got in the sewing groove! I guess it was still light enough to do other things?

Anyway, get progress on the stamp blocks.

karen said...

this is so lovely Jane and power cuts!!?? Hope they stay in your neck of the woods, I would be bereft!

Anonymous said...

Wow gorgeous job. I love the colors and everything. I can see cuddling up on the couch with it when its freezing outside.

Love it! You are on a roll!

Ann Flowers

stitcheranon said...

blimey: that looks complicated! I am ok with the sewing; it is the cutting which gets to me everytime!

Elena said...

Your project coming along nicely!
Sorry about the power disconection.
Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Knitting Linguist said...

They're looking great! I'm sorry to hear about your power (these things happen around here off and on), but glad it came back before, say, dinnertime :)

Rudee said...

I just love these colors.

Why can't the power go off in the middle of the night when we're all asleep?