Saturday, 9 January 2010

Flower of the month-January

This could do with a bit of  an iron, but it is another month completed.  Like the others, it was stitched using three strands of  DMC threads ,

Carnations- Flowers #321-straight, back, split stitch
                   Stems and Leaves #502-split stitch
Snowdrops-Flowers-blanc-split, satin stitch
                   Stems-not sure what colour number, the label had become detached, split stitch

Carnations always remind me of my grandad.  These were the flowers that we had at his funeral when I was 7.  My brother and I both had carnations, but different colours, I think my brother had red.

Snowdrops seem very appropriate at this moment in time with all the snow.  I can remember my fascination at seeing snowdrops poking through snow.  It amazed me that something that looked so delicate could survive and flourish in such hard conditions.  It will be a delight to spot the first snowdrops of this year.


stitcheranon said...

I annot wait for this snow and ice to go...I need green but will settle for a snowdrop. I love your latest panel but I have to say those stitches sound mighty painful!

Terry said...

Love the stitching! How many more to go?

maggi said...

A lovely stitched piece. I will be glad to see anything green again!

Annie said...

That looks really pretty. I love everything red anyway.

No flowers here... just more snow on top of the snow that still remained from the snowfall the week before X-mas. At least it covered up the ugly grey nmounds!

Rudee said...

Thanks for the reminder...spring is really only 2 months away.

We haven't had much snow at all. I'm fine with that.

The stitching is beautiful, and so are the flowers.

Sandy said...

Very pretty flowers....great stitching!!

Elena said...

Oh, what a beautiful stitching!
Can't wait when spring will come, don't want to be cold anymore...

Karan said...

Another lovely finish. That is going to be one stunning quilt/wallhanging when it's done. :0)
Carnations are my MIL's favourites. Sweetpeas remind me of my Grandad. Snowdrops I love for their promise of renewal & warmth to come. :0)