Wednesday, 18 February 2009

TAST-Satin Stitch

Although the day didn't go exactly to plan, I did get to stitch and knit most of the day. This was despite the fact that I ended up at the doctors. I have a stye in one eye and a meibomian cyst in the other. So now I am having antibiotic drops in both eyes. The irritation meant that, by the end of the day, my eyes were feeling rather tired, so it was an early end to crafting.

Before that I had quite a good, productive time. The first thing I made was this ATC. The cloud pattern on the fabric was perfect for a kite.

The kite was stitched using satin stitch with two strands of DMC stranded cotton, then outlined using split stitch. The tail is six strands of DMC which is then fixed at the four point with a bow using the same stranded cotton used for the kite.

The ATC is given some stability by having some stiff interfacing between the front and backing which were stitch together with a tiny over stitch.

This was quite a fun piece to do and was a lovely contrast to the grey skies we had yesterday.

After this, I put together my exchange piece, but photos for that will have to wait until it has arrived at it's new home.

I managed to get a start on another fabric postcard before going to the doctor. This is using another stitch for TAST, and hopefully I can show you the results tomorrow. I have to take D for his Spanish lesson first.

J now has about a quarter of a sleeve for his jumper. I am 10 stitches short from the total required, so it shouldn't be too long before the increase rows are complete.

I am now hoping to have Friday as a full day for crafting. There are no activities for the children, and as J is under the weather, they don't want me to find anything for them to do. Sounds good to me.


Annie said...

Hope your eye feels better soon.

I like the way you did the ATC. Nice neat edges and you didn't need a machine at all. And a very clever idea!

Gaynor said...

very clever aTC...hope you feel better soon..Rest those eyes!

Miss Nancy said...

Thinking of you! Rest your eyes!
Love the kite...spring is almost here...*smile*

Deepa said...

Get well soon,don't strain your eyes..

Terry said...

Your kite is so pretty! Makes me believe that spring really is out there somewhere just waiting! :0)
And you'd better rest your eyes so they can get better! Take care!

Patti said...

Your kite is really pretty and you are right the fabric is just perfect for it. I do hope you rest your eyes and they get better soon. Love Patti xxx

Karan said...

Hope your eyes & J feel better soon. Love the ATC. Hope Friday works out as planned. :0)

Patty said...

You poor thing. I hope the drops work quickly and your eyes are better soon.

Paula Hewitt said...

I hope your eyes heal soon. great kite. the cloud fabric is perfect

Elena said...

Sorry to hear that you have some eye problem... Wish you the fastest recovery!
Your ATC is so cute!!!

Rudee said...

I kept getting a stye in one eye, the Opthamologist found it was due to a plugged tear duct. Who knew? I haven't had one since he fixed that..