Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bringing Back Memories

I remember in the '80's, the batwing jumpers, so I was a bit surprised when I bought a bag of yarn, to find a pattern for a batwing jumper was included.
However, this one was knit in a completely different way to which I'm used.  The body parts were knit from side to side, the arms were then knit from the main body.

The good thing about that is, there are only two seams to sew up at the end.

This jumper is knit using Wendy Wisp yarn, which can be quite a pain.  The bobbles in the yarn meant having to buy a seperate yarn for sewing up, and it was quite difficult trying to find something that would blend with the colour.  I got there eventually, and now, my knitting bag is bare, but not for much longer.


MargB said...

Very beautiful! Love the yarn and the colour.
I remember the batwing style very well.

Rudee said...

I've seen quite a few batwing style jumpers lately. I have the yarn for one of them, but haven't made it yet.

Terry said...

I always thought that type of yarn would be hard to knit with. It came out great though! :0)

Tudy said...

Love the yarn. I have knit a sweater like that years ago and only 2 seams is wonderful.

Miriam said...

I like the pattern of batwing jumpers, but I have to say that I also remember the trouble to wear one of them under a coat. Knitting jumpers almost as one piece is very quick and you never have trouble with sleeves who did not fit.