Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Some fun knitting

Due to the bank holidays, I wasn't able to get any more wool to continue with my aran cardigan, so I started  a hat, scarf and mitts set.

The hat was done in a day and was such fun to knit.  I don't normally do hats, but with the extreme cold we have been experiencing, I thought I'd better start being sensible.  Of course, now I have a hat, the temperature has risen!

The pattern calls for a pompom, but I think I prefer it without.  I may make one when I've finished the scarf just to see how it looks.
The mitts were very quick to knit too, so before the end of the day, the scarf was started.  As it has a cable pattern, it's going to take a little while to complete. However long it takes, I will be well prepared when the next snow arrives.


Angelcat said...

I'm sure the cold will be back and you'll be very glad of your hat and scarf set. I can't believe you made the hat in a day, looks like an intricate pattern. I'm slow at even the basic stuff

maggi said...

You are going to be lovely and warm when the cold comes back, which undoubtedly it will do.

Terry said...

The hat and mitts look great! Can't wait to see the scarf too! Honestly I prefer my hats without the pom so I can put my hood up over it if I need to. Doesn't work so good with a pom on top! LOL

loulee said...

I like that hat, where did you find the pattern?
I'm still knitting hats etc.

Rudee said...

Fun knitting is the best kind. I love the creamy color and the beautiful stitch definition.

Annie said...

Those look so nice and warm! And the cold months are still to come!

Glad you have the energy to craft and blog again!

Have a very happy new year.

Elena said...

Wow! What a wonderful knitted set of hat and mittens!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Gina E. said...

I can't knit, so I greatly admire your beautiful hat and gloves! Best wishes and hugs for a happy New Year :-)

Terry said...

Happy New Year Jane

Likde the mittens. They were the first thing I learned to knit. Very incongrous. It's 39C here. No mittens need apply.