Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Table Set

A month or so ago, I started getting fabric together for a QAL, then decided that I had too much else on to enjoy doing it.  This weekend, I thought I'd find something to do with the fabric I had already bought, and have made a start on a table set.

 There are four table mats,
and a table runner.

These all went together quite easily, but there was a small hitch to getting them completed-I didn't have enough batting!  I'll have to go shopping later in the week to get some and hopefully get them finished over the weekend.

The place mats are quite large, so I thought I may do a set of square place mats without the strip at the side.  I know on our round table, the smaller square mats would fit a lot better.

Once I realised I couldn't finish the table set yesterday, I didn't feel like starting anything new on the sewing machine, so I wrote my shopping list for getting some projects finished and then went back to the trusty face and dish cloths.  I am on the last ball of cotton yarn, so there won't be many more of them to do.


loulee said...

They are pretty. Put my plain old things to shame.

Donna said...

Oh so pretty. I love the colors. And just think now you get to go shopping. I love to shop.

Ann Flowers said...

Oh my goodness they are so beautiful!!. The colors are wonderful together. I love the pattern as well. I think you did a wonderful job on them.

I think larger placemats are better, I somehow always end up with too small when I buy them and not everything I want to place on them fits. Although I have a huge square table and I can imagine with a round table how too big would get to overlapping. Still they are fantastic! Making square ones is a great idea.

Oh I hate when I run out of batting in the middle of a project.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Ann Flowers

karen said...

I'm sure that will be an awful chore for you, shopping for supplies! :) poor you!!

Annie said...

Love the colors. Blues and purples are some of my favorites. With all the quilting projects you have been doing lately, it's not surprising that you ran short on batting!

Terry said...

Love the table set! Shame you couldn't get them finished off. But you will! :0)

Rudee said...

I do like your eye for color. These go so well together.

pendlestitches said...

Why does that always happen? these will be lovely when they are finished.

maggi said...

What gorgeous colours.

Karan said...

I love the combination of colours on these - very pretty. Have fun doing that shopping. :0)

Elena said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't have enough batting.
Love the beautiful colors and design of the table runner and placemats!