Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Slowly does it

I thought I was having a good weekend, considering what was going on.  Saturday morning, I got the quilt top together and felt very pleased with myself, until I held it up!  There were pieces in the wrong place.  I still cannot work out how I could have missed them, but I did. so Sunday saw me unpicking seams.

Finally, yesterday, it all went back together and everything is in the right place.  If it isn't, I don't want to know!

I must be getting more patient in my old age.  There would have been a time, when I would have been so upset and disappointed, the whole thing would have been put away and forgotten about.  Not now, it's was just one of those things that happens, and it looks so much better done the right way.

 In between all that, I've been working on the place mats.  Three have been quilted and bound.  I need to wait for some more fabric to do the binding on the last place mat and table runner and then that will be another project out of the way.
I was so looking forward to not having to go out this week and catching up with projects, but as with all the best laid plans, things go wrong.  DS2 has a sore eye, so the first thing we will be doing today is going to the doctors.  At least it's not raining today, the walk through the park will be a little more pleasant than it would have been over the last couple of days.


Annie said...

The quilt looks fabulous! Quite a pain to do all that re-working, but you are right, the end result is so worth it.

Pretty place mat too.

Hope your son feels better soon.

Terry said...

Love the baby quilt! And the place mat is lovely! Glad you had a nice day to go to the doctor even though it would have been nicer to stay home! LOL

karen said...

the quilt is lovely Jane and I do hope he gets his eye ''fixed'' x

Rudee said...

The quilt is beautiful. You're right about getting it right--it gives a different pleasure to redo and get it right.

Elena said...

So glad you was working on the quilt! You almost finished!
Love the placemat. Very pretty pattern! :)

Anonymous said...

The quilt and the place mat are lovely. Now that you have had to rip out you really are a quilter!!

Karan said...

The baby quilt & place mat look great. :0) Hope DS's eye is getting better.