Thursday, 15 November 2012

Button Variety

I'm back to knitting the slipper socks.
This time, they have longer legs and buttons,

only, I need to go and buy some.
I've got some more wool so I can knit a variety of sizes and styles.  The adult ones take a lot longer to knit than the baby ones.  Hopefully, the first adult pair will be off the needles this week.


Anonymous said...

wow how good do these look,you are amazing Jane,well done.xx

Terry said...

They looks so warm and snuggly! :0)

Tudy said...

You must knit very fast to get so many things done. I like them too.

Evie Jones said...

Tooooo cute!
BTW...did you receive my email? I'm having a world of pain with emails sent to Hotmail at the moment.

Fiona said...

love them... I needed a pair when I was over there!!!

Terry said...

great looking boots for little guys. What style is your favorite?