Sunday, 16 October 2011

End of Embroider, Embellish, Create

I can honestly say, illness aside, the last seven weeks have been the most enjoyable for some time.  I have learned so much and achieved something I didn't think possible, all thanks to a good teacher.
This is the cloth as a whole.  The backing arrived while I was in bed Thursday, but I finally was able to spend the time to put it together, with the final embellishments yesterday.  I certainly hadn't intended it to be this big when I started.

I put a row of puffs along the bottom edge

You need to rotate this clockwise in you mind, blogger won't play properly this morning.  This is along the bottom edge, with more puffs going up the side and a small cluster of knots on the right

There's another puff alongside the muslin "bump"

This is the right edge, a row of prairie points.  They only go along this section, not top to bottom

On the right side, just three points, and three more puffs along the top section
 And now some of my favourite bits
The heavily embellished hanky

The cut work section

Again this should be rotated clockwise.  I love the applique and the little "pies"

More pockets with my special things

 Hidden delights
And the embellished "bump" with lots of loose muslin which I hope will get more raggedy with age.

This has been an exciting journey, and although I shall be pleased to catch up on some other things, I will definitely do some more of this.  A very big thank you to Karen for the opportunity, and I'd recommend any of her classes.  In fact, I'm doing her next one, Buttons and More, and now this is finished and everyone has stopped being sick, I've got work to catch up on.


Tudy said...

It is just so beautiful. You have done a great job on the whole thing. Congrats!

Terry said...

It looks wonderful! It makes me think of a crazy quilt, but all done in white! Congratulations on getting it finished! :0)

Wendy said...

This is just beautiful! Your work is just lovely and I know that you will enjoy knowing that you have made such a wonderful heirloom....

Linda said...

This is just beautiful. Wonderful work. I'm sorry you've been sick but it doesn't show in your work. Just lovely....

Anonymous said...

This is simply stunning and you have every right to be delighted with it. Such beautiful work.

Glad you're all feeling better now.