Thursday, 7 May 2009

Party-Take Two

I am happy to say that another biscornu has reached it's destination. This one was for the exchange on Stitchin Fingers and has gone to Annie in America. I even remembered to put my initials on this one and the date. The pattern again came from The Floss Box.

I was sat knitting merrily away the other evening, thinking that the coat was going to fit me, never mind a six year old! I don't know what happened, but it seemed to be breeding stitches and wasn't getting any smaller. The only thing to do was to take the whole thing off the needles and rip it back to the beginning.

I am so glad I did. Second time around it all went smoothly and quickly and within two days, this is the result. I will go and get some buttons tomorrow and it will be complete. The yarn was a bit of a nightmare as, not only was it a chenille type yarn, there were little loops along the length. I think it was these that were causing the increase in stitches.

I have two balls left, so I am thinking of using them to make a little girl's shoulder bag. As long as there is only a small amount of sewing up, I will be happy. It was a nightmare to sew.

I have already started using one of the other yarns. This one is going to be a lightweight ladies cardigan. I have already completed the back and one of the fronts. This is going to be a quick knit as it is knitted using size 8mm needles.
I am hoping to get some sewing done, but the knitting bug seems to have taken hold for a little while. Might have to get it out of my system first.


Gaynor said...

Very nice! Lovely colour. What colour is your peru wool (which I think takes a size 8 needle if I rmember rightly lol).

I have done very little over the last two days but once this interview is finished with..I can bet back to life lol

I also noticed my Geography is as bad as yours hehe

Take care

The biscornu is really perrtty. Lovely colours!

Miriam said...

What a lovely biscorny!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Both projects are lovely. I'm getting back in to Cross-Stitch at the moment and loving it.

Annie said...

The biscornu is much lovelier in person. The colors really pop on the fabby you chose.

Very nice knitting as always.

loulee said...

LOL I keep threatening to sew, if only I could get rid of the knitting bug!
Pattern has arrived by the way. I'll get a little thank you away to you in the next couple of days.

Ginnie said...

Lovely biscornu. Glad you sorted your knitting second time around it looks good!

Terry said...

The biscornu is beautiful! And congratulation on getting the knitting right the second time! I imagine the knobby yarn is a bit harder to work with. It sure ends up nice though! :0)

Miriam said...

You are a fast knitter! The biscornu is really very nice.

Rudee said...

Knit the bag in the round-you'll have nothing to sew. The coat is beautiful, and I know how hard it is to knit with a boucle yarn.

Your biscornu is really pretty.

Sandy said...

Your little coat is darling, great job. Also your biscornu, very cute. I had to go to the other day to look up biscornu...I had never heard of it.

Elena said...

Very nice biscorny!
Love your coat too! Great idea on making a bag!!!

Gina E. said...

Jane, your biscornu is gorgeous - I've been dying to see it! I got my pattern from the Floss Box too; I guess I should have acknowledged it...I'll add a note to my blog shortly.

Karan said...

Very pretty biscornu - lovely colours. That jacket is going to keep some lucky little girl very warm. :0)