Sunday, 17 May 2009

Card Workshop

I spent a very happy Friday morning at a card workshop with D. The other adults there were quite taken with him and so we are now going to be doing some more together over the next few months.

We had to make piles of parcels and then attach them to cards. These are the ones that D did,
and here are mine. D wants me to buy the punches now so we can make some more at home. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and is eager to do some more.
I have a very large collection of pieces of stitching that needs framing or put to other uses and I am hoping to get this done as this year progresses. I have found a home for one piece and have finally appliqued the fish embroidery panel to a tote.

This was a plain one I bought from Hobbycraft ready made. I just got my new machine out and used the blanket stitch to attach the panel to the front. I had put it in place using bondaweb to give it extra stability.

I am now concentrating on getting the exchange and RR pieces out of the way. I have completed almost half the cross stitch for the mail art envelope, so if I have a good day, I hope to get that completed today. I have to make up for not doing anything at all yesterday, I was too tired by the time I got to sit down.


Lula said...

The bag looks great.

And the cards are so effective

Sue said...

All the cards look fabulous. D is very talented.

Your bag looks fabulous. A gr8 way to use the embroidered panel.

Rudee said...

It's always wonderful to share our interests with our children-especially the artistic ones. Good for you for spending this kind of time with your kids.

As usual, all of your art is beautiful, and so is D's.

Terry said...

Both of you did a great job on the cards! And your fish embroidery lookd great on the tote! :0)

Gaynor said...

Lovely cards, DS should be proud of himself. Lovely applique as well...very clever ;-)

Elena said...

Yours and D's cards are very pretty! The bag looks great! Love the embroidered panel!

Annie said...

Love the bag. I've used that same trick with fusible web for appliqueing stitching to a bag before sewing. Makes the sewing much easier with no puckering!

Beautiful cards. Get your pocketbook ready once you start buying those punches. You may not be able to stop!

Karan said...

Enjoyed my post holiday catch up - you have been busy again! Lots of lovely cards, especially love the cute teddies. It's nice that you can share a craft with your DS.... though when it comes to pinching stash maybe not. LOL Great cat pad, I can see those going well in your shop. Exchange biscornu is very pretty & the tote looks fabulous. :0)

Gina E. said...

Your tote bag motif is exquisitely stitched, Jane - you are a lady of many talents...and it looks like the junior MOTH is going to take after you!